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Tri Tech™ steel garage door NWD

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Tri Tech™ Northwest Door Canada, steel garage door, Thickness: 3", R Value = 16.
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Insulation available
Triple Layer
Thickness available
3 inch


NWD Tri Tech

Tri Tech is at the top of the NWD line of insulated steel doors with embossed steel panels with an insulation value of R 16. It uses high-density polystyrene in its 3" thick sandwich construction and features a flexible joint seal and natural thermal break.

Four wood grain panel designs are available: Modern Flush (Model 608), Traditional Panel or Short Relief Panel (Model 618), Ranch or Long Relief Panel (Model 628), and Carriage Panel (Model 60C). The doors are hot-dip galvanized, primed, and then pre-painted in one of four standard colors: bright white, Almond, Sandstone, and Brown. Our carriage panel is now available in a dark and medium wood finish. Choose from a wide range of window designs.

Tri Tech is built using Northwest Door's time-tested sandwich-type construction. This construction method has proven itself to be superior over the past twenty years on hundreds of thousands of Northwest doors in homes throughout the United States and Canada.

Tri Tech sections come with a limited lifetime warranty against wear and tear due to corrosion for the life of your home, a 20-year warranty against deterioration of insulation performance, and a 5-year warranty against delamination. Equipment and accessories are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.

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