Need to increase your garage door opening?
Increase the size of your garage door with skillful engineering and elegant designs.
Increasing a garage door opening is a complicated task, please read on for more information
The garage door is too small for the carDid you just get a bigger vehicle or an additional vehicle for personal or business reasons?
Is your garage door too low for your new SUV or van?
You may need to increase the size of the opening of your garage door because getting in and out of your garage with two cars could be uncomfortable. 
At Cranbow, we can increase the height and width of your garage door in a relatively short time. 
It is important to note that the task of increasing the dimensions of your garage door is a demanding one, hence, it is best left to our specialists to handle. 
The first thing to do before anything else is to check the design requirements for your garage, and our team of engineers are available to assist at this early stage. 
Cranbow services include a full range of turnkey works for your convenience, so you do not need to deal with different companies and teams for your project. 

Attention! It's important to know!

Before starting to enlarge the opening of your garage door, it is essential that you consult a specialist. The following are the most important points to check when launching this process:
  1. Increasing the size of your garage doors must start from changing the load-bearing structural elements in the garage to accommodate the new dimensions. These include the support pillars on either side of the garage opening, and the upper crossbar and side posts. These elements must be taken into consideration when making calculations so as not to compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. This is even more important when the garage is located under a residential building. The outer cladding should also be examined to determine if it would be possible to dismantle it. 
  2. Increasing the opening of your garage door may require a number of specialists since the external cladding, internal cladding, supporting structures, movement of electrical points, and wiring. 
  3. The dimensions of the garage itself must be examined to determine if the garage is big enough for the required expansion. The dimensions must make provision for the garage door motor and enough room for opening the garage door. 
  4. Once the increase has been done, there may be a need to replace certain elements of the garage door or the entire door itself. The old motor may also not be powerful enough to handle the newer, heavier garage door. 

Increasing the height of the garage door opening.
Typically, slightly raising the height of a garage door opening is a feasible task. However, a significant increase in the height of your garage door may require a complete alteration of the headroom of your garage, depending on its dimensions.

The headroom of a garage is the space above the door and below the roof of the garage. The headroom of a garage provides structural support to the roof of the garage. If the headroom of the garage is to be tinkered with to make room for a bigger garage door opening, it may be necessary to reframe the headroom, and in some cases, even raise the garage roof.

While this task is realistic, it requires the services of a number of specialists. With Cranbow garage door services, you can get an all-in-one service with all the required experienced specialists.

Increasing the width of the garage door opening.

Increasing the width of a garage door is usually a demanding ordeal that may require the services of more than a few specialists. Most garage door openings can typically be increased by up to six inches on either sidewall.

Let’s not forget that any outlets or switches that may be in the way would require the services of an electrician. Also, if the garage facade is made from brick, the services of a stonemason would also be needed. The uninstallation and replacement of the old garage door would require the services of a garage door specialist.

As with increasing the height of your garage door, you may need to replace some or all of the components of your old garage door. To be sure, it is best to leave the analysis and estimation to the specialists. This is where we make things seamless. At Cranbow, all the specialist services required to increase the width of your garage door are included in one seamless service package for your convenience.

Replacing two garage doors with one large opening.

If you want your existing double garage doors replaced by a single large opening, it is relatively less demanding. However, it also requires a lot of work. From uninstalling the old garage doors to knocking down the separating column, and reinstalling the new garage door. The task requires the services of our garage door specialists.

As with any alteration to the opening of your garage door, a specialist must first evaluate the structural consideration for installing the new garage door.

The dimensions of the new single garage door have to be taken into consideration as the structural support components are examined by the specialist.

If there are any electrical components in the way, an electrician must be contacted. Typically, the frame for two garage doors would only be slightly larger than the combined size of both doors, since the dimensions of the new garage door should be similar.

The cost of increasing a garage door

How much does it cost to increase the opening of a garage door?

The cost of increasing the opening of a garage door varies according to the specifications of the project. The best way to assess the cost of your intended garage door opening enlargement is to consult a specialist for a detailed analysis of the tasks involved in increasing the opening of your garage door.

Cranbow experts will perform a detailed analysis taking into consideration, your existing garage door, the materials involved and the required expansion and design. This analysis would be used to give an accurate estimation of the cost of your intended project. Our experts will also offer you advice on a better course of action if you need to build a new garage for other vehicles.


Is it possible to expand the opening without dismantling the garage door?

It is, in fact, possible to expand the opening of the garage door without dismantling the garage door. However, there are a few conditions that need to be met:

  • If you need to raise the header to the height of one garage door panel.
  • If the design of the garage door allows it.
  • If the door was originally set wider than the opening. Since the garage door is attached to the wall of the face of the garage from the inside, the dimensions of the garage door are not related to the dimensions of the garage door opening.

It is advisable to dismantle the garage door, as increasing the garage door opening is a complex task. Cranbow offers expert installation of your garage door with our specialized dismantling services.

Is it possible to expand the opening of a brick garage?

While the opening of brick garages is not easily expanded, it is indeed possible. Please contact our specialists to perform an evaluation. Arched structures are typically not expandable, but regular brick garages need a detailed evaluation by our specialists.

Which is better, one large door or two small ones?

When comparing one large garage door with two small ones, we need to consider your needs and the design of your garage. Typically, one motor is required per garage door. Hence, having two small garage doors would require two separate motors to open them. A larger garage door, on the other hand, would require a more powerful motor.

Furthermore, expanding the opening of the garage door may spoil the design of the garage. It is also important to note that two different garage doors would not look good on any garage, regardless of design.

For the best aesthetics, both garage door openings should be expanded to the same size or one large door should be used. Please remember that larger garage door openings will allow the garage to cool faster in winter months, increasing energy consumption. Hence, it all depends on your needs and conditions.

When do you need to change the opener?

When increasing the size of the opening of the garage door, it is not always necessary to change the opener. The following conditions necessitate the replacement of the garage door motor:

  1. If two garage doors are being converted into one large one, the larger, heavier garage door would require a more powerful motor to open and close it.
  2. If there is no space under the garage ceiling for a conventional garage door motor, the old motor must then be replaced by a wall-mounted garage door opener.

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