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Why do you need regular garage door maintenance?

For most people, their garage door only gets professional attention when it breaks down or stops working normally. This practice is very wrong, and here are three reasons to perform regular maintenance on your garage doors:
●     Annual maintenance only requires a small amount of money, allowing you to save more on preventable, expensive repairs.

●     A garage door is a heavy structure; so, by waiting for it to malfunction, you risk damaging more expensive property, such as a car. These expensive damages can be prevented by regular maintenance, thus saving you from a potentially expensive situation.

●     A malfunctioning garage door is dangerous equipment that may injure you or someone else in your family. The danger can be easily prevented by regular garage door maintenance.

Cranbow offers garage door maintenance services for all garage door models.

Typically, your garage door requires maintenance once a year, thus, if your garage door has not received proper maintenance in over a year, or is producing unusual sounds, you need not expect your garage door to break down or malfunction, instead, invite our specialists. Our specialists will carry out maintenance on your garage door and reduce the chances of your garage door breaking down. For the best possible usage, you should carry out maintenance on your garage door regularly, at least once a year, or as advised by our specialist.
Cranbow garage door maintenance services include:
  • Visual inspection of all garage door components, especially moving parts.
  • Identification of damaged or worn-out parts, as well as parts that need maintenance.
  • Adjustment and lubrication of moving parts.
  • Auto-reverse safety check.
  • Checking the garage door balance
  • Checking rubber seals for tightness.
  • If any component of the garage is found to be damaged, our specialist repairs or replaces the component after an evaluation. If there is any additional work required, our specialist carries out the additional work.

One-time maintenance
One-time garage door maintenance at an affordable price.
With Cranbow’s garage door maintenance service, you can prevent damaged components for just $79. If our specialist identifies a serious problem, they will offer a repair service for the damaged part.
Regular preventive maintenance
Cranbow periodic maintenance service at the most affordable price!
Cranbow offers regular preventive maintenance for your garage doors. Our garage door maintenance service will be provided twice a year for the low price of $79. With our maintenance service, you can guarantee uninterrupted operation for a long time as well as safety for your family. Additionally, we offer free service every third maintenance service, and a one-off service costs only $53.
C$79 free service every third maintenance

Frequently asked questions

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How can I tell if my garage door requires maintenance?
To determine whether or not a garage door needs maintenance, you need to pay close attention to the sounds made by the opening mechanism. Do not hesitate to seek specialist maintenance services if you notice any strange sounds.
How often does my garage door need maintenance?
The best practice is to perform garage door maintenance before any fault or damage is detected. The more you use your garage door, the more frequently it would require maintenance. Typically, garage door maintenance should be done twice a year or at most every eight months depending on the intensity of usage.
What are the benefits of using a contract service to maintain my garage door?
In addition to enjoying free maintenance after the first two maintenance services, with Cranbow, you also enjoy discounted services when you opt for two garage door maintenance service appointments. The price for two service appointments is cheaper and attracts a free appointment.
What are the special services offered for seasonal needs in Ottawa?
The temperature in winter weighs heavily on garage doors as the opening mechanism may need to deal with additional resistance due to snow and frost. It is best to have our specialists perform maintenance on your garage door before such a time.
Can I perform maintenance on my garage door myself?
With the right knowledge, you can perform maintenance on your garage door yourself. Here are the basic maintenance checks you can perform yourself:
  1. Check and apply lubricant to your garage door tracks and tighten the hinges to ensure that your garage door is secure.
  2. Apply lubricant to your garage door’s hinges, bearings, and springs. apply lubricant to all moving components such as chain or screw-drive openers.
  3. Clean and oil all moving parts.
  4. Clean the outside of your garage door with a clean cloth and household detergent, diluted with water.
  5. Check the weather stripping around your garage door for any damage or cracks. If damaged or cracked, it is time for a replacement.
  6. Wooden garage doors should be checked for caulk, gaps, and cracks.
However, it is advisable to leave it to the experts when in doubt in order to avoid damage to the garage door and risk to the family’s safety.

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