Wood Garage Doors

Cranbow’s collection of top-quality elegant wood garage doors, excellent quality, stunning design.
Insulation available
Thickness available
Cranbow’s collection of wood garage doors is a catalog containing a wide range of top-quality beautifully designed, durable, and reliable wood garage doors to keep your garage protected from the elements all year round. With a wide range of designs and colors to choose from, Cranbow’s wood garage door catalog provides energy-saving options as well as numerous designs to complement the exterior design of your home.

Cranbow Wood Garage Doors

Cranbow's wood garage door catalog offers you a wide range of elegant garage door designs, complete with reliable insulation for the most energy-efficient system for your home and garage. Get the neighbors talking about your beautifully designed and durable wood garage doors which combine the timeless visual appeal of wood with the latest in garage door technology to deliver to you a low-noise, energy-efficient garage door that complements the exterior design and architecture of your home perfectly. 

wood garage doors

Eco-conscious wood garage doors

A combination of highly durable wood materials and weather-resistant finish gives our catalog of wood garage doors a stunning visual appeal in addition to the natural insulation properties of wood and our cutting-edge low-noise system. You can enjoy year-round protection with our collection of wood garage doors. 
Perks of choosing wood garage doors
  • Easy finish.
  • Eco-friendly insulation.
  • Made with the best quality wood materials 
  • Durable finish, weather-resistant.
  • Low-noise operation.

Choosing the right design and colors for your garage door

With our wide range of wood garage door designs and finish options, our collection of wood garage doors offers you a wide range of options to complement the architecture and exterior design of your home and also select the most durable and applicable garage door for your needs. 

Our wood garage doors have been coated with a factory-applied finish with specially formulated weather-resistant properties that combine perfectly with paint and provide adequate protection for your garage door and provides you with prolonged smooth operation.

wood garage doors
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