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Therma Tech™ steel garage door NWD

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Therma Tech™ Northwest Door Canada, steel garage door, 1-1/2" thick EPS, *R=9
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Insulation available
Triple Layer
Thickness available
1-1/2 inch

Therma Tech

Therma Tech

Therma Tech is a line of insulated steel doors with scalloped steel panels that reinforceNorthwest Door's reputation for quality, value, and stylish design.

Odel is available as a smooth woodgrain panel, a standard raised panel, or a longer raised panel. Carriage panels are only available in the Therma Tech model.

The Therma Tech line is made of hot-dip galvanized, wood-grain textured steel cladding with raised panels and then layered with a polystyrene core. This type of construction forms a thermal barrier between the front and back of the door. 25 Ga. steel support plates are hinged to the inside of the rear skin before assembly. The exterior trim is attached to urethane adhesive with a polystyrene core, a construction method that is unparalleled in durability.

What's the most important thing about a garage door? The beauty that enhances the look of your home? Or the hidden features that will give you years of reliable service and protection? The answer is both.

The name Therma Tech may sound like it's a product completely focused on quality, advanced manufacturing techniques, protection, safety, energy savings, and value. But Therma Tech also reinforces Northwest Door's reputation for stylish design choices. In fact, you become part of the design team by choosing a panel model, window design, and color that fits your home perfectly.

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