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Chamberlain garage door Wall mount opener RJO20C. Automatic Garage Door Lock, Turn lights on and off  with the myQ.
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from C$639
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Chamberlain RJO20

Unlike most garage door openers available on the market today, the Chamberlain RJO20 is designed and engineered to be compact and compact. While most manufacturers do this at the expense of reduced motor power and efficiency, the Chamberlain group has done this without sacrificing any function.

The compact design of this garage door opener makes it suitable for mounting on either side of the garage wall, thereby saving all the garage ceiling space for any other purpose.

While this garage door opener automatically opens and closes doors, the product also features smartphone control. If the user installs the MyQ app and connects it to the system, he or she can control the movement of the garage door, as well as monitor its movement from miles away.

Garage door break-ins and burglaries have increased in the past few years. But this garage door opener is virtually impossible to hack and tamper with. The product is equipped with the latest online security features, and the entire body of the device is sealed. This garage door opener is also equipped with sensors that prevent or cancel door closures if there are any obstacles in its path. This also reduces the amount of maintenance required, the opener will last for many years.

Because the Chamberlain RJO20 is a direct-drive garage door opener, it is designed so that it does not create any vibrations or problems when opening or closing. On the other hand, the RJO20's sealed housing makes this garage door opener ultra-quiet and best for use near residential areas.

Unlike most other garage door openers on the market, this one has built-in automatic lights that illuminate the garage for easy entry and exit of vehicles from the garage. Other garage door openers are equipped with an illumination feature. However, the light must be purchased separately as an add-on and installed. But the Chamberlain RJO20 comes with a built-in light.

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