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Chain Drive Garage Door Opener C2102
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from C$245
from C$245
Type of drive
Chain drive
Battery backup openings
Bright LED
Smartphone Control
Chamberlain C2202

The Chamberlain C2102 is a garage door opener that can be controlled remotely. In addition to the impressive 3100 lumens LED lighting that promises complete illumination of your garage, it also comes with a lifetime motor warranty, built-in Wi-Fi that connects the unit to the MyQ app on your smartphone. Another bonus is that it comes with a backup battery, which comes in handy in the event of a power failure.

The mounting kit includes a sturdy mounting rail, wall-mounted controls, two remote controls with triband technology, a wireless panel, and sensors. Although the belt drive size may vary and an extension kit may be required for garage doors over 7 feet tall, the Chamberlain C2102 still serves as a reliable and stylish door opener.

The Chamberlain C2102 is the Rolls-Royce of garage door openers. With the C2102 you get all the features of the popular Chamberlain C2101, but with a couple of nice extras combined into one great garage door opener that looks stylish and modern.

The box has everything you'd expect to find, including a mounting rail, 2 remote controls on the wall with triband technology, a wireless panel and sensors.

What really sets the Chamberlain C2102 apart is the impressive LED backlight that lights up your entire garage with 3100 lumens. Chamberlain describes it as "lighting from corner to corner."

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