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Secure View™ Camera Ultra-Quiet LED Wi-Fi Battery Backup Garage Door Opener B6753T
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from C$556
from C$556
Type of drive
Belt drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Soft Start, Bright LED
Smartphone Control
Chamberlain B6753T

The Chamberlain B6753T is the newest and seemingly most sought-after garage door opener these days. With intelligent video streaming and advanced LED angle lighting, this garage door opener is the perfect choice for many Americans. In addition, the B6753T features MyQ smartphone connectivity, a powerful belt drive, and maximum load capacity.

With the MyQ app, you can control and monitor your garage from anywhere. Be sure to download and install the MyQ app to get all the features you need. With the app, you get a smart opener that makes your garage safer.

Smartphone control allows you to monitor, guard, and control your garage from anywhere. Simply download the MyQ app and follow the instructions to install and connect your garage door opener. Once connected, you will have all the smart features available to you.

The Chamberlain B6753T features built-in LED lighting from corner to corner. With this garage door opener, you won't need any additional lights in your garage. Thanks to the precisely positioned LEDs, the homeowner gets evenly illuminated corners in the garage. The lighting is motion-activated, producing 2,000 lumens.

With a battery backup, the homeowner can open and close the garage door even when the power goes out. This opener works silently. Thanks to the ultra-quiet DC motor and smooth operation with a smooth start/stop, you won't be bothered by strange noises while the opener is running. It can be installed near residential areas without disturbing your family and other family members nearby.

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