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Ultra-Quiet Wi-Fi® Battery Backup Garage Door Opener with Wireless Keypad B4613T
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from C$395
from C$395
Type of drive
Belt drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Soft Start, Bright LED
Smartphone Control
Chamberlain B4613T

The garage is the workhorse of your home. It's where you store your tools, sports equipment, and toys, and it's a sanctuary for some of your biggest ideas. Unleash the full potential of your garages with the MyQ-powered B4613T Chamberlain garage door opener.

The elegant new design combined with superior lighting and smart home technology allows you to maximize the value of your garage. Download the MyQ app and follow the instructions to connect your new garage door opener so you can control, protect and monitor your garage from your smartphone.

Built-in LED lighting specifically illuminates high-traffic areas in your garage, providing reliable, long-lasting light when you need it - 1000 lumens, energy-efficient, lasts 10 times longer than a standard bulb, and you'll never change a bulb again.

Built-in Bluetooth technology reduces setup time and makes it even easier to connect to the MyQ app, other MyQ devices, and smart home technology solutions. The B4613T complies with the California SB-969 standard. Powered by the Chamberlains PLUS Lift power system, the B4613T provides the equivalent of 3/4 hp lifting power for easy lifting and reliable performance you can count on.

The steel-reinforced belt drive is made from high-quality materials for years of trouble-free, long-lasting, ultra-quiet operation, perfect for attached garages. Includes 2 pre-programmed 3-button remote controls that allow you to control a combination of up to three Chamberlain openers or interior lighting modules (sold separately); secure encrypted technology increases remote control range to 1,500 feet.

Unmatched Security + 2.0 Encryption 100 billion codes protect against tampering, and Posilock theft protection ensures that once the door is closed, it remains locked. An online installation video, BILT 3D instructions, pre-programmed remote controls, rail-mounted latching system, and technical support ensure the installation goes smoothly.

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