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Smart garage door opener
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from C$295
from C$295
Type of drive
Belt drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Soft Start
Smartphone Control
Chamberlain B373

The Chamberlain B373 is an ultra-reliable garage door opener that provides medium lifting power (1/2 HP) for standard aluminum doors. Its heavy-duty belt drive system is virtually silent, leaving the living space of your home untouched. It includes a built-in battery backup, allowing you to get in and out of your garage even when the power goes out, and features built-in Wi-Fi so you can monitor and control your garage using your smartphone's MyQ app.

The wall-mounted receiver can pick up signals from your car's remote control up to 1,500 feet away, giving it a longer range than most competitors. You can use the MyQ app to monitor and control the door from your phone at any time (perfect for scaring your loved ones when they drive up to the house while you're at work).

All kidding aside, the B373 places great emphasis on safety and reliability. The opener uses advanced encryption to prevent tampering, while the posi-lock system ensures that the door stays closed and locked. Out of the box, it will work with 7-foot doors, but additional extension kits are available for use with 8-foot and 10-foot doors. 

This is one of the quietest door openers on the market, though not the fastest. Instead, the door operates using the same security protocols as elevators. It starts slowly, speeds up, then slows down again at the end. This reduces the risk of the door stopping incorrectly when an obstacle is detected and extends the life of the motor by eliminating sudden starts and stops.

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