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Ultra-Quiet Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener B2212T With Battery Backup 

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from C$315
from C$315
Type of drive
Belt drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Soft Start, Bright LED
Smartphone Control
Chamberlain B2212T

The Chamberlain B2212T uses a heavy-duty belt drive, made from high-quality materials, to provide reliable, quiet operation and lifting power equivalent to 1/2 hp.

As part of a complete package, the Chamberlain B2212T comes with a Triband 3-button remote, a wall-mounted indoor button, a security sensor kit, and the aforementioned backup battery. Additional control options are provided by built-in MyQ wireless compatibility for use with MyQ wireless accessories, as well as built-in HomeLink compatibility for additional connection to your vehicle's built-in remote control system.

The standard 100-watt bulb or CFL provides enough light to drive around the garage with confidence and safety.

The included Triband 3-button remote lets you control a combination of up to 3 openers or Chamberlain MyQ interior light modules from up to 1,500 feet away for quick entry and exit. Unmatched + 2.0® security and 100 billion code encryption protects your wireless garage door opener system from tampering.

The security sensor kit includes a pair of infrared sensors that emit an invisible beam that prevents people, pets, or other objects from closing your garage door.

The Wi-Fi Chamberlain chain-driven garage door opener works with both sectional and solid garage doors. However, the garage door opener should not be installed on a solid door if automatic closing devices or features are used. Automatic devices and features should only be used with a sectional door.

Garage doors can be up to 7 feet tall with standard equipment. Larger doors over 7 feet require a rail extension kit. All standard installation hardware is included in this complete kit. Installation is simplified with pre-programmed remote controls, a snap-lock rail system, and online installation videos.

The included backup battery is charged when the Chamberlain B2212T garage door opener is plugged into an electrical outlet. It takes 24 hours to fully charge the battery. A fully charged battery provides 12 VDC to open the garage door for 1-2 days of normal operation during a power outage. Once power is restored, the battery will recharge within 24 hours. Battery life under normal use will be approximately 1-2 years.

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