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LiftMaster Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener 8580WLB Elite Series DC Battery Backup Chain Drive
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from C$615
from C$615
Type of drive
Chain drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Keyless Entry, Soft Start, For Heavy Doors
Motor Warranty
LiftMaster 8580WLB

LiftMaster 8580WLB door opener is a well-equipped, belt-driven model. It's quiet compared to chain-driven garage door openers, includes a backup battery so you can access your garage (and your car) in the event of a power outage, and LEDs that illuminate every nook and cranny of the place. Most importantly, integrated Wi-Fi and the MyQ app allow you to view the status of the door (closed or not closed) and control it from your own phone so that you will never have to trudge outside.

The elongated master unit is ceiling mounted, weighs 24 pounds, and has dimensions of 11.19 by 11.94 by 19.81 inches. It is made of dark plastic with a reddish stripe in the center with the LiftMaster and MyQ logos on it. At the bottom, on either side of the stripe are slits of illusory plastic for the LED panel, which is located on the inside. The LEDs are designed to last within 30,000 hours, which means you will most likely never need to replace them.

It comes with 2 security sensors to install on the doorway to prevent the garage door from closing if there is an obstacle in its path. A smart control panel, installed inside the garage, allows you to turn on/off the light, open or close the door. It also shows the current time and temperature, as well as the charge level of the battery backup device. It also comes with a digital PIN panel with backlit keys for mounting outside the garage for keyless entry, and you get two remote controls that can be placed in a car, home, or in any other place where you want to have the ability to control the door wirelessly.
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