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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi
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from C$980
from C$980
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Soft Start, Keyless Entry, Built in WiFi, Bright LED
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LiftMaster 8500W

The LiftMaster 8500W is a PTO-driven garage door opener that works smoothly and quietly. This garage door opener has all the best features and a few extras such as integrated Wi-Fi, a backup battery, and a garage door lock.

Some of the more necessary features of this LiftMaster include a wall-mounted unit, a closing timer function, and a spare battery. The opener mounts to the wall close to your garage door, and will require a torsion spring door to replace the more classic (and more available) expansion springs.

One of the best features is considered an integrated latch that physically locks your garage door and is mechanically activated when the opener is working. But a lot of other openers have a setting on the keypad to disable the opener while you're on vacation, which prevents someone from opening the door with power. Thanks to a deadbolt that can help prevent forced entry, the LiftMaster 8500W is considered a more harmless garage door opener in our comparison.

This model comes with a separate LED light that you can place on the ceiling, for example, where a garage door opener is typically hung. This opener contains integrated Wi-Fi and is compatible with the MyQ smart home platform. It still works with the utility link for cars manufactured after 2012.

The LiftMaster incorporates the normal security features provided by the best garage door openers. These include an infrared light and a pressure sensor. The control board is still armed with an integrated motion sensor that mechanically turns on the light, so that, for example, you will not need to move around in a dark garage.

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