OPENER 84501

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LiftMaster, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener 84501 with Dual LED Lighting
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Type of drive
Belt drive
Battery backup openings
Bright LED, Keyless Entry, Soft Start, For Heavy Doors
Motor Warranty
LiftMaster Opener 84501

In case you're interested in a smart garage opener, model 84501 is a great option. This opener is equipped with Posilock defense against the forced opening, an invisible light beam system to prevent doors from closing when obstructed, and the MyQ app for remote control. In addition to its own smart features, the Liftmaster 84501 is designed for quiet operation thanks to a heavy-duty rubber belt that is reinforced with steel.


  1. Virtually Silent. The 84501 opener uses an extra-strong, steel-reinforced rubber belt to open the garage door quietly, keeping adjoining living spaces virtually silent while open and close events occur.
  2. An Integrated LED lighting system illuminates active movement areas in the garage with 1,500 lumens of light.
  3. Direct current motor. Enjoy added peace and quiet thanks to a long-lasting DC motor.
  4. Smooth Start. Increase equipment life and reduce maintenance with a soft start/stop.
  5. Electric Defense. Electric defense against forced garage door opening.
  6. Security Code. Every remote control click sends a unique code to the garage door opener.
  7. Works with Amazon Key, Amazon Prime users can receive packages straight in their garage.
  8. Security Detectors. Protect people and vehicles with the support of security detectors that prevent doors from locking due to obstructions.
  9. Clear Garage. Enter the garage with backlighting that detects movement.


·         Lighting = Integrated 1500 Lumens LED Lighting System;

·         Drive method = Belt;

·         Smooth Start/Stop = Yes;

·         MyQ Connectivity = Yes;

·         GDO Learn Button Color Comparability = Yellow;

·         Direct current/Alternating current = Direct current;

·         Phone Control = Yes;

·         Code Type Comparability = Security + 2.0.

In the box you will find:

·         3-button Remote Control;

·         Wi-Fi control panel.

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