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LiftMaster Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener 8165W ½ HP AC Chain Drive
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from C$315
from C$315
Type of drive
Chain drive
Battery backup openings
Built in WiFi, Keyless Entry
Motor Warranty
4 Years
LiftMaster 8165W

After a long day at the office, you return home. When you get out of the car to discover the garage door, you fumble for the way to unlock it and drive your car in. You put the key in the lock, turn it, and it decides to be stuck in there...

In case you had an electronic garage door opener, this would not be a task. Owning one has a lot of advantages, with comfort being at the top of the list.

ThisLiftMaster model has already become the choice for thousands of people around the world. You get a reliable chain drive system with a 0.5 HP motor for the fast opening and closing of your garage door. This model is armed with smart functionality, integrated Wi-Fi compatibility, and absolute door control through the MyQ app. This model is considered environmentally friendly, consuming 75% less energy in standby mode. The door opening frequency is dependent on a secure code, which no one has the ability to copy, and the kit includes security detectors, preventing problems when closing.

This LiftMaster model is constantly winning the highest accolades for the best premium model on the market. This LiftMaster garage door opener is equipped with a jackshaft system for ultra-fast and quiet garage door opening and closing. You get a safe frequency and perfect integration with the Smart MyQ app on your phone. It is equipped with P3 motors that provide superior performance while eliminating ripple. It's the perfect choice for garages in residential areas. Smooth movement prevents the humming of the door at night. It also has a movement sensor and a deadbolt with a power lock, so that people will not be able to break down the door with brute force.

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