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Amarr Horizon Aluminum doors

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Garage Door Amarr Horizon, Design: Single Pane Glass, Glass/Panel: Frost, Construction: Aluminum MultiView - Amarr Horizon HO1000 multiview
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  • Frost
  • Grey
  • Bronze
  • Green
  • Obscure
  • Clear
  • Whiteout
  • Snow
  • Thermapro Low-E
  • Black Ice
  • Grey Lite
Door design
  • Single Pane Glass
  • Insulated Glass
The final price depends on the size and additional options of the door
from C$2 650
Thickness available
2 inch
constructionConstruction: Aluminum MultiView Amarr Horizon HO1000 multiview. 2" Extruded Aluminum Frame w/split horizontal rail section, 3/16"
Amarr Horizon

Amarr was founded in 1951 as a local building supplies company. Recognizing the demands of the market, they optimized their product lines and focused on quality garage doors. After opening manufacturing facilities across the country in the 70s and 80s, the 2000s led to the rapid growth of their dealer network and strategic partnerships.

Amarr's Horizon collection is made of a 2-inch thick extruded aluminum frame, clear-view aluminum posts, glass, and bottom weather stripping. The tongue and groove section joints provide additional protection from outside influences. Door widths are available from 2' to 20'2" in 1" increments and door heights from 6' to 20'1".

All Amarr residential and commercial steel and aluminum garage doors are made in the USA, demonstrating Amarr's commitment to high quality and durability. Uniform glass height in all door sections. Glass spaces are up to 8' 2" wide, and the warranty covers all repairs if you wondered.

Amarr Horizon doors are stunning and offer the widest single piece of glass that specifications, safety, and security standards allow. Amarr Horizon doors feature split horizontal rails with the same glass height in all door sections. The doors do not have a vertical center projection on an 8' wide, single glazed garage door and are available in six anodized finishes and 26 paint colors. Clear horizontal lines combine with long, narrow expanses of glass to create a unique design. With dozens of glazing and color options, your choices are virtually limitless.

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