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Amarr Classica Steel Door

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Amarr Garage Door. Design: Tuscany, construction: Classica CL1000 Single-Layer: Steel.
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  • Single-Layer
  • Double-Layer
  • Triple-Layer
Door design
  • Tuscany Classica
  • Cortona Classica
  • Northampton Classica
  • Bordeaux Classica
  • Lucern Classica
  • Santiago Classica
  • Valencia Classica
The final price depends on the size and additional options of the door
from C$920
Many window styles
Over 700 colors available
Carriage House
Insulation available
Single-Layer, Double-layer, Triple Layer
Thickness available
2 inch
Authentic carriage house looks, modern functionality to complement your home’s exterior.
 classica 1  classica 2  classica 3

Classica CL1000 Single-Layer: Steel

Classica CL 2000 Double-Layer: Steel + Insulation

Classica CL 3000 Triple-Layer: Steel + Insulation + Steel

Amarr Classica garage doors

Amarr Classica offers a surreal visual appeal for your overhead garage door. Looking quite similar to wood, our catalog of Amarr Classica overhead garage doors are made from highly durable and low maintenance steel which provides the tough and sturdy protection of steel and the beautiful visual appeal of wood. With Amarr Classica, you will also get authentic carriage house visuals on your overhead garage door in addition to modern-day functionality that provides the perfect complement to your home’s exterior. Cranbow offers you a wide range of Amarr Classica overhead garage doors with bigger windows and more vertical-looking garage doors. Your home’s exterior will have a more authentic carriage house look while having an ultra-modern energy-efficient overhead garage door that helps to maintain the temperature in your garage regardless of the season.

You need not worry about safety as Amarr Classica features a hand and finger safety design. In addition, you also get an overhead garage door with reinforced steel that exceeds the wind building codes in Calgary and Ottawa.

Cranbow offers you a wide catalog of Amarr Classica overhead garage doors for your home. Contact us for repair and maintenance as well as sales of overhead garage doors in Calgary and Ottawa.
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