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Cranbow provides professional supply and installation of garage doors in Calgary and Ottawa.

We offer an extensive range of overhead garage doors from top manufacturers like Steel Craft, a top steel brand in Canada. Also, we have catalogs from other high-grade manufacturers, such as Amarr and Ranch Craft. We have the widest collection of high-grade overhead garage doors with a wide variety of design choices and colors to help you choose the perfect garage door that looks best and provides energy-efficient protection for your garage. The overhead garage doors in our catalog have standard insulation that helps to regulate the temperature in your garage all year round, especially during the cold winter months.

Cranbow provides excellent professional overhead garage door service upon request. You can browse through our exquisite catalog of overhead garage doors that provide excellent insulation, in addition to the visual appeal of other materials such as wood, glass, and other designs. The overhead garage doors in this catalog are designed to provide sturdy protection for your garage without sacrificing visual appeal. Our collection of overhead garage doors has been carefully pre-selected with regard to Canadian weather, so you can rest assured - our overhead garage doors will hold up in the winter without any damage. In addition, we offer the sale of replacement parts and other components for all the overhead garage doors in our catalog, so your repair and maintenance can be done smoothly by our skilled technicians. You can select from our wide range of designs for your garage door. Decide whether you want to let the sun in, or you would like to mimic a wooden surface on your garage door, and we will offer you an overhead garage door that meets your needs. Order the best overhead garage door for your home today.

Steel-Craft’s Residential Garage Doors

Price List


Price from

Mid-Century Modern

620 CAD $

Carriage Craft 1-1/8 inch

890 CAD $

Carriage Craft 1-3/4 inch

1160 CAD $

Flush Steel-Craft 1-1/8 inch

760 CAD $

Flush Steel-Craft 1-3/4 inch

980 CAD $

Contemporary Series

990 CAD $

RanchCraft-RidgeLine door 1-1/8 inch

990 CAD $

RanchCraft-RidgeLine door 1-3/4 inch

1190 CAD $

Thermo-Craft 1-1/8 inch

760 CAD $

Thermo-Craft 1-3/4 inch

1120 CAD $

Esteem Series

2120 CAD $

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