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Repair or replacement?

How to decide whether to repair or replace your garage door?

Not all faulty garage doors require replacement. in some cases, a faulty garage door can be repaired by replacing individual parts. However, in other, more extreme cases, it makes more sense to totally replace the garage door. A garage door typically only needs repairs when one or a few minor components Is not working normally. However, if a major component or the structural integrity of the garage door is compromised, it is more efficient and economically prudent to replace the entire garage door. Here are the typical cases where we recommend that you replace your garage door:

When a garage door is old with an outdated structure

Older garage doors may not combine well with modern garage door components. In a situation like this, a complete replacement of the garage door guarantees efficient operation and safety.

When the repair costs more than the replacement

In some cases, the damage to the garage door is so extensive that the cost of repairing the garage door outweighs the cost of replacing the garage door. In this case, our experts will recommend a complete replacement of the garage door.

The extent of the damage and technical condition of the garage door compromises our safety guarantee
Extensive damage to the garage door sometimes compromises the operational safety of the garage door. In this case, our experts cannot provide a guarantee of safe garage door operation following repairs and would rather recommend a complete replacement of the garage door.

The home design and style of the garage door do not match

Our specialists make recommendations based on both aesthetics and functionality. When the home design and garage door style do not match, it does not produce the best aesthetic result, and as such, our specialists would recommend a complete replacement.

The garage door does not provide optimal thermal insulation.

In case of any doubt about the best course of action, please consult us for a professional assessment of your garage door and an expert recommendation on the best course of action.

Replacement work in stages

The process of replacing your damaged garage door Is a smooth and straightforward one.

From the moment you place a call to book an appointment with our specialist for assessment of your garage door up until the completely replacement of the garage door and its optimal functioning, our specialists will handle everything According to your preferences. these are the stages for replacement work on your garage door:

Booking an appointment with our specialists

All you have to do is place a call to Cranbow. We will dispatch the nearest garage door specialists to your location at a time convenient for you to assess the extent of the damage and general condition of your garage door.  After a quick detailed assessment, our specialist will make the best recommendation for the next course of action: repairs or replacement.

If the garage door requires a complete replacement

The garage door will be completely removed, by dismantling all of the components including the springs, rubber band tracks, and other elements.

Recycling old garage doors

Our team will assist with the recycling of the old garage door, properly disposing of it using our transportation.

Choosing your new garage door

Our specialists will work with you to determine the best choice of design that resonates with the design of your home and provides the best functionality for you.

Ordering the new garage door

Once the choice has been made, our specialist will place the order for a new garage door and it will be delivered promptly.

Installing the new garage door

Once the new garage door has been installed, we will work quickly and efficiently to install it and ensure efficient operation with a guarantee of operational safety.

The cost of installing a new garage door depends greatly on your choice of the model. However, installing a new garage door provides you with several advantages, such as increasing the value of your property, improving the aesthetics of your property, and enjoying the functionality and of the modern design, which includes better insulation and more comfortable operation, among others.

Cost of replacing a garage door

Estimating the cost of replacing a garage door may seem difficult, since it requires a variety of services, the cost of which may impact the cost of garage door replacement.
When buying a new garage door for a new house, the garage door installation process requires no dismantling work. However, when replacing an old garage door, the replacement does require additional dismantling work. The cost of this additional dismantling work is quite insignificant. Dismantling the old garage door adds about C$120 to your total costs. The rest of the cost of replacing an old garage door depends on the size of the garage door, and various components that may be included in the installation.
The choice of the replacement door will determine the cost of replacement.
Replacing an old faulty or damaged garage door helps you to get rid of the inefficiencies in the operation and improving the functionality of the garage door.

Dismantling a garage door with your own hands.

Is it possible to dismantle your garage door yourself and prepare everything for the installation of a new one?

While it is possible to dismantle your old garage door with your own hands and prepare your garage for the installation of a new garage door, it is important to remember that the task is not an easy one. The typical garage door is a heavy structure, one that can pose a safety hazard without adequate knowledge skills, and tools. It is our recommendation that if you are not certified, have no knowledge, skills and experience and do not have the adequate tools for the job, please contact our specialist to do it for you. Our prices are affordable, and we will ensure your safety throughout the process. In addition, having our specialists dismantle your old garage door ensures that you do not cause further damage to your garage in the process.

Why should you use Cranbow services?

At Cranbow, our services are structured to ensure that you get the top-notch quality and the best experience with your garage door. We will perform an on-spot assessment of your old garage door and make the best recommendation to optimize the efficiency and safety of your garage door. We provide you with an expert assessment and personalized recommendations based on the condition of your old garage door.

If your garage door requires repairs, the Cranbow team of experts will provide you with quick and affordable garage door repair services.

If your garage door requires a replacement, our team of experts will dispose of the old garage door for recycling and replace it with a new garage door of your choosing with prompt installation and efficient operation at an affordable price.

With our garage door repair and replacement services, you can rest assured that you will be getting the most efficient and effective garage door services in Calgary, Ottawa, and their environs.

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