A classic home deserves a classic door. We handle repairs, installation,
and maintenance of different models of garage doors and parts.
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Garage Door Sales and Installation
The quality of your garage door matters because it is the part of your house most visible to the outside world. We sale highest quality garage doors and provide professional installation service.
Garage Door Maintenance
We provide complete garage door maintenance service to prolong the life of your garage door.
Garage Door Repair
Whether your garage door is bent or chipped, garage springs are broken or a broken garage opener, we are here to solve all your worries.
Replacing Old Garage Doors
Garage doors are not meant to last forever and when your garage door gives up, we are here to replace it with a brand new one.

Residential garage doors

Overhead garage doors for sale in Calgary, Ottawa and areas.
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Aluminum Garage Doors
Steel Garage Doors
Steel garage doors are great for offering a wide range of insulation, design and price options. You also have the option to paint the doors in order to match your house color.
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Steel Garage Doors
Aluminum Garage Doors
With all the benefits offered by steel doors, aluminum goes one step ahead and removes the hefty feel of steel. Enjoy all the benefits of steel in a lighter package with more strength.
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Wood Garage Doors
Wood Garage Doors
If beauty is the priority, wood doors are the best option but they are the most expensive option and require additional maintenance. Wood doors are also more susceptible to environmental elements.
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Garage door openers

Belt drive opener
Belt drive openers
Belt drive openers are great at minimizing noise so they are excellent choices for houses that have living spaces adjacent to the garage.
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Chain drive opener
Chain drive openers
If you have a heavy garage door, chain drive openers are a great choice due to their great tensile strength and lifting ability.
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Wall-mount opener
Wall-mount openers
If your garage has minimum overhead space, wall-mount openers are a very suitable option. They are durable, secure and require minimal maintenance.
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